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wed | wk 80 | sparta builder 80 • back press 66 II • ☠️

tue | wk 80 | sparta builder 79 • dead by deadlift +++

Andy - Ironmac - McKenzie and I, feb 2017

time waits for no-one

Every man needs to do the work. This is not to say same isn’t true for women as well. No need to start nitpicking my words, its just a figure of speech and you know it.

You may believe that you are a special case, that somehow you deserve to have it easier and that basically things aren’t fair. There also seem to be plenty of those who bought into idea that age of 40 is a milestone of sorts, like special rules start applying to you then and if not then, then certainly once you are over 50. That’s all bullshit!

I know of no-one who was working hard before yet then all of a sudden got a valid excuse to get lazy. I do however know plenty of those who never did a hard workout in their life, act like know-it-all yet hide behind some imaginary fear of overdoing it. Overdoing what? Overdoing of nothing is what you should be worried about. Did I strike a nerve? Well, who is to blame if not you for letting your self slip on self pity?

Next to me is my very good friend Andy, we treat each others like brothers, him being the kid obviously as he is almost a full year younger, while I am currently only 45 years. We are both striving to be strong, fit and healthy. What do you suggest we do, pretend we feel old and weak just to make those overdoing in nothing feel better?

Do something to become more, be better, feel better, live better!

mon | wk 80 | sparta builder 78 • run by feel

mon | wk 80 | sparta builder 78 • squat press +++

sun | wk 79 | sparta builder 77 • uphill recovery

sat | wk 79 | sparta builder 76 • climb to 21 +


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