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salvation thursday

Yesterday’s workout trashed my legs and left me walking stiff. Heatwave left me with very poor sleep as we don’t have air conditioning, all leading to wake up earlier than needed, then deciding to go for a mentally productive, physically destructive workout. To wilfully go through a hard workout in less than ideal circumstances may be contrary to logic yet it is a very important part of training experience.

Each month there may only be a few days when things will go to plan or seem easy, while on most days the opposite will be the case. It’s up to you to make your day a great day. You can't expect to be saved by motivation but by discipline.

My back spasm issue from Monday wasn’t as bad I initially thought, which allowed me a good workout yesterday, focusing on complementary work for my back while killing my legs with bodyweight movements. There is still slight discomfort in my lower back but I should be back to normal in a few days.

This run felt great even though it wasn't that easy all things considering. The hardest thing seems to be to commit to and start when you are not at your best. If I can — and I most certainly can — get past those first few minutes there is no chance in hell I will turn back, knowing that I will also feel so much better afterwards. It was almost a month since my last long endurance effort so this today was a needed win.

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Naomi @ Gym Justified


Development of the individual doesn’t happen without the experience of hard training. The less you need to worry about skill, harder you can train. Feed your knowledge with continuous training experience. If things become too complicated or confusing, return back to the basics, always keep it simple. Learning is important but don’t become its slave, work harder and keep your mind fresh.

I rarely post photos in colour but it would be a real shame to hide Naomi’s deep red hair perfectly complementing gym floor. Suffering often isn’t half as bad in retrospect, I bet she has way nicer memories of that day than these photos imply.

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