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fri | wk 9 | pillars deload

thu | wk 9 | to shani and back

wed | wk 9 | andreson clean

tue | wk 9 | walkabout 10K by feel

Sašo and Andrej @ level 2

wall handstand • hold for time

How long can you hold a wall handstand? Here is a really simple way to look at things while being upside down.

You need to log in at this point, content bellow, like the standards will then be individualized to your age, height, weight, etc.


> Level 3    Guardian          03 min+
> Level 2    Fit human         90 sec+
> Level 1    Homo sapiens      45 sec+
- - - - -
~ sub:level  demi-sapiens      10 sec
… non:level  non-fit creature  00 sec

Everyone should be able to hold at least close to a minute. This is nothing extreme and more than a reasonable benchmark to consider as a bare minimum from a human (hence Homo sapiens) with basic functional abilities, and if not, why not, and why not better your self by setting a higher (as proposed) standard to aim for.

mon | wk 9 | ski • ghd • squat

mon | wk 9 | johnny bravo inclined


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