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simple ≠ easy

the devil

There is really not much you can do on the rower if you are not willing to suffer …it is one of three devils in the world of exercise.

Here I am rowing at my place but back in the days when I was still training in a commercial fitness center in my home town (keep in mind I live in tiny city by world standards), they had something like 35 cardio machines (treadmill, stepper, elliptic trainers, stationary bicycles) … and then, there was that one, just that one machine, an old rower, completely unnoticed and ignored, not being used at all, avoided like a plague if one noticed it's presence.

the disguise

Ironically that machine, in my view, was the best single piece of conditioning machine present but no one was using it. I basically had to clean it my self and even brought my own lubricant with me to show that rower some love because staff and management didn't seem to care about his maintenance, basically no-one was using it anyway.

If you would ask most members if they tried using a rower, they wouldn't even know they had one there, from few who gave it a go most would say … yeah, I gave up after a few minutes because it was hard and that … that basically sums up the attitude most people have about their goals, about being serious … about anything. First sign of something being harder then expected, it's time to give up!

in search of easy

Well what did you expect, that there is an easy way to achieve something? That spending hours sweating on cardio machines will ”magically” guarantee results even though when it gets tough for a few minutes it's time to stop because it's hard?

Do you think I enjoy the pain or don't feel any? Do you think I am always super motivated? Do you think it's somehow easy for me? Do you think I love the suffering part?

Well then I got news for you, I definitely feel the pain and often, I don't love suffering, it's probably harder for me because I try harder then most and I am not super motivated all the time!


If it were easy then everybody would end up being the same, we would all have same results that are so easy to achieve and maintain … just imagine, going to the gym a few times, picking up some wights, doing a few exercises … and boom, results would be there immediately. GREAT … yeah but the next guy would get those same gains immediately as well, and the next guy …see the problem?

What we do differently is what defines us, not just physically but individually …when we do something exceptional, that motivates others to be more like us, when we overcome obstacles life throws at us, that makes us stronger, when we achieve something that demands hard work and sacrifice … it ”finally” makes it all worth it!


You want in to be easy? You don't want to work hard? You want shortcuts? …well you have two options then, either you go back to dreaming or maybe wake (grow) up!

Marck Goran Lorencin

thu | wk 8 | panorama kicker

wed | wk 8 | bodyweight ladders

wed | wk 8 | swinging zercher

tue | wk 8 | panorama by feel

weights for curves

women absolutely need to train with weights if they are serious about getting into shape …the benefits of weights go beyond curves and body shape, they become more and more important as we age …and for women maybe even more then for men, who are in general, by nature more physical creatures.

that girl here is my sweetheart Špela, at the time of this photo, our kids, son Lorenzo was 4 years and our daughter Lili only 1.5 years old, she did some maintenance workouts as best as she could, it's never easy …especially when you have small children … but now she is finally back on track and able to start training more seriously :)

what she did here is, start with a set of pull ups, dips, knee rises on the bar, then deadlift 15x 40kg … then go straight into sprint interval, walk back, do another sprint, all of this was one round of exercises … after two whole rounds, she would rest long enough to do a 400m max.effort sprint, rest again … then repeat everything, all the exercises and sprinting one more time!

sounds easier then it is …but don't forget, those sprints should be done as hard as possible, this has dramatic consequences, session becomes brutal sooner then you think

Marck Goran Lorencin


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