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beyond burning I

aida muratović

it moves if you move

The object in front of you can move only if you move. It is willing to stand still forever unless you decide to do something about it. Its goal is to dare you to push it forward, to make you stop, to break your will just by being in front of you.

It is so simple yet incredible. Skill can’t save you, only your strength, your conditioning and the will to keep moving forward.

As I don’t underestimate women, especially their abilities to endure and accept a challenge I can’t really feel sorry for the hard work I see as normal. This is why I loaded double her bodyweight for her. She can either push it forward or she can’t. There is nothing else to it and if I know you can push then I expect you to do so even when you don’t believe so.

The weight of the dog sled weighs zero in my mind, so only what is on it counts as actual working weight. Double bodyweight on the plate is a simple standard I expect of women. You may think this is too much while I think it is a minimum a fit woman should strive for.

Aida accumulated 700m of this that day, that being just one of the her tasks. Training in general should feel as hard work as usual. Environment should be challenging no matter your level of fitness, if not, there is no fitness.

face it

t h e - d r a g o n - s l a y e r

Honestly I do not wish for it to be easier as then I would need to find something else that is harder. There is nothing to learn from easy, there is almost no value in easy except to recover from something that was hard. That is just how things work.

How did you ever learn to walk on your own? Surely not by always holding on to something? Sooner or later you had to let go and make — that first — step forward with the risk of falling, of failing …but the reward was learning.

When you were still just a baby you already knew this is the way to go. You knew barely anything but you already knew that if you fall down you need to get up and try again. There was no fear of failing, there was only the will to make that first step on your own, all by your self. It was before you learned how to talk and say I can’t do this.

We are born with ability to overcome failure, babies prove this fact. Then modern snowflake life happens to the whole generation and instead of growing into adult you grow into a baby that un-learned how to face failure or a daily dose of discomfort.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It is an old say which I assume everyone knows, not to be taken literally but figuratively. There are plenty of non grown adults doing their best to achieve the opposite and pretending this makes them safe.

You can’t outrun you shadow, you have to face your dragon. No one can do it for you. It is only you who is able to defeat it, no one other then you, ever. Anything you fear or avoid soon becomes a dragon, it may look small and innocent in the beginning but the more you avoid facing it, the bigger it grows. Your fear is feeding that dragon who is forever waiting for you, to face it, to slay it, to overcome it.

Here is my friend Bojč, the Dragon Slayer.

recovery wisdom

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