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beyond burning I


represent your environment

Have you ever felt like this? Not, have you ever lifted as much? How much is not as important as how you felt, fought and overcame your fear of lifting more then ever.

Now here is the problem.

You just broke “your” chains and achieved the impossible. You proved your self wrong or worse you proved your self right. All of a sudden everything is up for grabs. Weakness holding you back was just an illusion, you smashed it and now new strength is here to live by.

Road to strength is paved with devastation of plenty. Fear of heavy either brakes your ego or forges an ironmind. You represent your environment, I represent mine!

PS. This is my friend Benji, re-living this incredible moment inspired me to write the words above and hopefully I did it justice.

Marck Goran Lorencin © all rights reserved