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"mild" leg blaster

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staš mencigar

saved by strength

I prefer strongmen equipment for a lot of my training. Nothing but pure strength will save you. Fat axle for example is a bar made from raw iron, without any bearings (bumpers don’t spin at all), knurling or markings, all this will prevent you to lift the weight like a weightlifter and demand you lift more like a strongman. Those who have never tried to lift with a fat axle might be shocked by how much harder it is, anything with a fat grip is simple yet much harder.

I don’t use fat axle to make lifting harder. I use it because you don’t need a skill of a weightlifter when you use a fat axle. What you need most is raw strength. There is really not much skill involved at all. It is hard to do it wrong even, you either can, can’t or can’t anymore.

This raw axle is 50mm thick, slick and 31kg empty. Staš is lifting “just” 71kg for reps but consider this was part of a strongman endurance circuit including heavy sled push, farmer carries, sandbags and airdyne sprints.

It easy to challenge your self to your limits when you can’t be saved by skill. Your form can’t break down because of poor technique, it is the lack of strength (sometimes coupled with general exhaustion) that will be your limiting factor.

High skill movements demand high skill, which usually turns into poor form when you are exhausted. Low skill movements demand almost no skill, you stop when your strength breaks down, there by minimising the risks of injury which comes with poor form. This is especially true if you are using weights which you can lift for reps instead of pushing for the max.

I am not stating the case against high skill movement exercises. I am stating the case for overlooked benefits of raw strength/low skill exercises. Going back to the old strength exercises would give majority the biggest bang for their buck.

recovery wisdom

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