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hammer • or the• nail

One can never really forget how bad things can get during and after the Airdyne intervals.

Why is it, then, that we do it again and again? It is not like we look forward to it, we never do.

We still do it, again and again. No, not every day, but a few times every week.

Every so often we do a non-stop 60-min relay with 20sec intervals in a team of 6. Meaning each player does a 20sec sprint every 2 min, exactly 30 times.

Yes, it is horrible! Why do we do it? Suffering is not what we are after.

The answer is simple. Nothing is as devestating, nothing is as rewarding. Nothing, delivers such results in such short time. Nothing can beat the Airdyne at its game.

— Marck Goran Lorencin

BMI will ruin your ideal body

I compare and react to Justin Bieber, Gerard Butler (300), Brad Pitt (Troy) vs a Greek God Physique standard. BMI will ruin a Greek God like Physique!

Ideal Body Weight vs Ideal Body

How to build a Greek God Physique. What are the basic requirements to reach an ideal Greek God body weight, then sculpt it into Aesthetic Physique, as back in the day.

  1. Is ideal body weight a lie? What are you doing wrong?
  2. What type of body weight criteria is best for your lifestyle?
  3. Why ideal body weight almost never results in an ideal body?

Legend Series

Improve your push-ups and its form with any of 11 showcased push up variants. There are also 3 simple, yet not easy, bonus challenges in this short educational video.

Perfect Push Ups Standard

Improve your push ups in just 4 minutes with perfect form. This is the best push ups standard you will ever find or need.

What You Seek vs. What You Shoud!

What does the general public, literally, type into google when looking for the*best exercise*? What questions should you be asking instead of those everyone is asking? No BS approach to getting the results you want and life stories to motivate you on your journey.

— Marck Goran Lorencin

It is not about the challenge in front of you, it is how you face it when the odds are against you.