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paradise @ gym justified

While some keep chasing the latest trend, searching for the best equipped gym, for warmth and comfort, my friend Rob found heaven in a place like this.

Nothing can ever replace an honest effort and your daily fight to be better then you were yesterday.

Never forget - Revisit your roots.

that crew @ gym justified

easy & pain free

Do not wish for it to be easy.
Do not wish for it to be pain free.
Do not wish for it to be achievable overnight.

Be proud of your hard work.
Become worthy of what you wish for.
Forge and Earn respect of those around you.

Marck Goran Lorencin

Bela @ Gym Justified

300 reps // the Rabbit Hole

Take an empty barbell and go for 300 drag curls unbroken. ⁠

Its not hard to imagine you will want to break the set and put the bar down, shake your arms — it would be perfectly reasonable to do so — which is why a bit of additional motivation might be of help.⁠

Every time you put the barbell down you need to immediately do 50x burpee pull ups unbroken — if you fail to do them unbroken you then need to add 100 reps to your remaining drag curl reps from initial 300. Immediately when you are done with burpee pull ups — without any rest you need to get back at drag curl reps.⁠

For biological women its 25x burpee pull ups unbroken, men use a 20kg bar, women 10kg.

It is a tricky situation, rest once and you need to do 50x burpee pull ups unbroken. Fail to do them unbroken and your 300 reps become 400 reps and that rabbit hole can get much worse really quickly.⁠

Oza @ Gym Justified

lesson of simplicity

Lie down with as much grace you can manage, then get up as elegant as you can. Focus on your whole body, flex any muscles you want or need …just don’t stop moving even for a moments rest.

You can go as slow or as fast as you manage but you are not allowed to stop even for a moment. I mean this literally, there is no water break, wipe your sweat break, or any other break from the movement. You are allowed only to lie down, then get up without ever stopping. Work hard to move as gracefully as you are able the whole time.

keep going for 60min

This is a simple lesson. It demands no skill yet it will test your commitment and expose you to a much needed mind-body connection.

You remain the only person who will ever know if you managed to master the whole 60 min without stopping for a moment. I am not here to judge. You need to go through it honestly to learn from it.

Certain knowledge holds value and meaning only when you are exposed to it through personal experience.

Hold and Endure!⁠


It shouldn’t be be a single choice between either gaining muscle or loosing fat.

Learn how to burn fat better while gaining muscle or learn how best to retain muscle while burning more fat. Switching back and forth between those two strategies is what then leads to — in the long run — loosing fat and having more mucle.

Marck Goran Lorencin

Gregor and Aljaž

They can change roles as often as they want but are not allowed to stop before they reach 1.000kcal. Somehow we are always willing to work harder for a friend.

Marck Goran Lorencin © all rights reserved