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Don’t take anything for granted what you don’t work for every day.

— Marck Goran Lorencin


Workout every day until the end of days.
I very much like this simple plan.
There is no medicine like it.


You represent your environment, I represent mine!
You represent your environment,
I represent mine!


Sanctuary • Dungeon • Classroom


I have it on good authority this place is lacking everything it doesn't need to be there.


t h e • f o r g e

your battleground

It would be hard to give this club a more fitting name than “The Forge” because this is what we all need at some point.

A Blacksmith can take an old, rusty, scrap metal and forge it into a masterpiece. Muscle, Discipline and Commitment can get rusty and out of shape when neglected or absent a proper maintenance. Stop waiting for that elusive motivation and go to your battleground instead. Let us forge a healthier, stronger and tougher body you deserve.

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Brian Milligan


Anything less is bullshit.

Marck Goran Lorencin © all rights reserved