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Andy - Ironmac - McKenzie and I, feb 2017

time waits for no-one

Every man needs to do the work. This is not to say same isn’t true for women as well. No need to start nitpicking my words, its just a figure of speech and you know it.

You may believe that you are a special case, that somehow you deserve to have it easier and that basically things aren’t fair. There also seem to be plenty of those who bought into idea that age of 40 is a milestone of sorts, like special rules start applying to you then and if not then, then certainly once you are over 50. That’s all bullshit!

I know of no-one who was working hard before yet then all of a sudden got a valid excuse to get lazy. I do however know plenty of those who never did a hard workout in their life, act like know-it-all yet hide behind some imaginary fear of overdoing it. Overdoing what? Overdoing of nothing is what you should be worried about. Did I strike a nerve? Well, who is to blame if not you for letting your self slip on self pity?

Next to me is my very good friend Andy, we treat each others like brothers, him being the kid obviously as he is almost a full year younger, while I am currently only 46 years. We are both striving to be strong, fit and healthy. What do you suggest we do, pretend we feel old and weak just to make those overdoing in nothing feel better?

Do something to become more, be better, feel better, live better!

my friend Izi eating my soup with a big spoon

real life role models

Here is a physical education teacher (Izi) we should all wish we had as our teacher when we were kids. That’s what kids of today need more then ever, real life role models that play an actual teachers role in their life.

Physical Education should be one of the most important subjects, especially for kids and young adults.

Νοῦς ὑγιὴς ἐν σώματι ὑγιεῖ (ancient greek)

— Thales of Miletus (624 BC)

Translates to “a healthy spirit in a healthy body” undisputed wisdom which defies the test of time, everyone has heard it. It kinda imprints in your mind forever once you hear it. You may not follow its advice, yet it remains a guide to follow. How else would it survive almost three millennia of time.

gym justified

pillars of friends

Pull up bar supported by pillars of friends. Let's the kipping pull up lovers kip this one.

We did this a while back during a mixed track session. There was just no pull up bar near enough, so I came up with the idea to improvise with a short barbell. It turned out to be way harder then expected. The bar will obviously want to spin out of your grip when you hang and the awkward low start position allows for absolutely nowhere to rest during the set. To be precise even the friends holding the bar aren’t enjoying them selves here as they need to act as stabilizers in addition to playing support.

Having all the best equipment can be a gift and also a curse. I believe that for majority its a curse as they often become lazy again an reliant on having it all or else they can’t do the workout.

I am sure my friend Bor and his pillars Mitja and Vojko remember this day very well.

gym justified

it never ends

Back in the day, there was rarely an easy day.
I liked it back then and I still like it today.

Sanja loving the dyne,
her face says it all, there is no other way.

gym justified

EN·VI·RON·MENT | inˈvīrənmənt |

The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates, survival in an often hostile environment.

Above is a direct copy as defined in the dictionary.

The one thing I would argue with is that hostile environment part, absence of comfort would be more accurate + there are no plants present but we do have seasons, like gym being colder during winter, warmer during summer, as we have no heating nor cooling. Maybe the dictionary describes this as a hostile environment but that would be overly dramatic I think, it is just a plain natural selection, purification of sorts.

We have a beautiful view out of the windows though.

Denis the grind-man

It doesn’t need to be complicated to be challenging.

Lorenzo Lorencin @ 7 years old

Made for a challenge

You may think I am pushing my son to do some serious training and make him work hard. I haven’t pushed him hard nor even made him do even one single workout yet. Environment does the trick though.

Lorenzo is looking for opportunities to challenge him self — not all the time of course — yet what else would you expect if he sees his mother, his father, other adults challenge them selves, should he just sit still and play video-games while in the gym? Worse even as his 3 years younger sister wants to challenge him at something all the time and then cries when she doesn’t win — so I taught him he needs to let her win sometimes or she will not want to play, also to not try and make everything a competition — we struggle here at times.

The absolutely best way to learn and improve is to remember how kids approach a challenge. To them everything is possible or at least hardly anything is impossible.

If they see someone else did something, then they try to do that something as it is obviously possible and so why not do it. No special reason is needed. If they see someone working hard, then obviously this is how things get done. If they see someone is impressively fit and strong working out everyday, yes everyday, then they know they need to do the same if they want to be fit and strong. It’s a no brainer, imitate what that person does, there is no other way.

You are not a kid any more but we can all learn from how a curious kids approach a challenge. Try then fail, that’s expected even, so they try again, then try to figure what went wrong, then they try again, and again, and again …until they hopefully succeed. Why not try something much easier? Because it would be boring, like playing a game which is to easy to be challenging. Yet now when you are an adult you are searching for easy, forgetting this is not how you got better at anything.

You are made for a challenge!

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