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8 months transformation

He used to be a cyclist but I got to know him when he graduated from the Faculty of Economics. That was some 8 months ago. I remember very clearly his first true workout at my gym, how it ”killed him” … and how he came back the next day, the day after, and so on every day!

In 8 months since he started, Staš never missed a workout, he literally came to workout every day … ok, maybe he had 3 or 4 rest days in all this time, but other then that he literally came to workout every day.

Now take a look at his progress, this is what working out with a passion can do to you, this is earned, this is not given … this is no diet, this is a byproduct of dedication, effort and salvation!

Staš, all your friends from Gym Justified are really proud of you, most of all me … congratulations. I for one didn’t make it easy, I helped you suffer more, enjoy this, it only gets better now, you earned it!

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