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Marck Goran LorencinMarck Goran Lorencin

Typically it's easiest to reach me via Facebook message.

To send a message can be too easy, while composing intelligent and professional reply takes time and energy. My time is limited, I do not reply to certain type of messages.

Before sending a message please consider:

  1. On-line coaching type of message ?

    • you are interested in nutrition and/or workout plan,
    • counselling and on-line coaching,
    • sport specific specialisation,
    • other coaching stuff ?

    Then is best to start with a well composed message, take your time to introduce your self and describe your situation, wishes and goals. Try to give me all the information you think I might need.

  2. Specific question or specific problem ?

    • usually I answer most short, concrete and specific question, even though you may not be my client
    • if you have a large number of those short & specific questions that need to get answered please consider contacting me about on-line coaching,

  3. General questions about following topics: nutrition, training, weight loss, etc. ?

    • can you give me some training advice ?
    • how should I eat to lose weight ?
    • I can not lose weight, what am I doing wrong ?

    Those and similar kind of questions I consider as non-serious. It's not about whether I want or don't want to answer them. It is similar to asking me if I can shrink all my knowledge and years of experience into a few sentences.

    I understand that you have to start somewhere ...but asking the most general type of questions is not the way to do it. Short answers are not possible, they are also not what you are looking for because you need a lot more then that.

    Basically you have only two options:

    • I.   LEARN it all,  yes, all by your self, re-invent hot water (everyone had to start from scratch at least once).

    • II.   DON'T ask generic questions:
      • introduce your self, just brief summary, basic stuff (gender, height, age, weight, current fitness level or experience and similar),
      • tell me what are your goals, describe in detail your issue or a problem if you have one,
      • ask me how I can help you!

  4. Other reasons for contact

    Of course there may be man other reasons, even completely non-related to above, and you need to contact me. Just write, ask, say what you want ...and I am not playing hard to get, sometimes I am just a bit hard to reach, just try again if you don't hear from me in reasonable amount of time.!

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