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gym justified I

recovery only if earned

hardened like a tardigrade

my average day for more then three decades most people describe as brutal workout

my average day means everyday as I workout everyday


I only think of it “hard as usual” because hard work is a normal day …it's just “hard work as usual“ to me


what is normal to you then, does an average day mean being “lazy as usual” or “just average” …well there you have it then, your problem is your level of normal and what you tolerate as normal

AVERAGE Day Defines you

people you look up to, people around you, your environment, everything either encourages or discourages you to break free, to become someone better, to be more


why wouldn't you be the one who defines what is normal, not for others, but for you

INFLUENCE Your Life First

own your mistakes, admit your failures, don't be ashamed to break down, rather be proud of it all, stand up, commit to change, embrace hard work, become unstoppable, you too can be better every day

Marck Goran Lorencin

americanino · ☠️

recovery only if earned

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