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there is no finish line

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it's okey to gain a bit of weight during the winter but not because you are eating junk or more junk but because you are training to be stronger

winter time for me has traditionally always been more focused on strength & muscle gain, while not neglecting conditioning but rather maintain it as best as possible

my average summer weight is 88kg, my average winter weight is closer to 90kg so basically throughout the whole year I am always plus/minus 1kg

this one kilogram seems like nothing but if we are talking about quality, say if each year I gain 400-500g and lose similar amount of fat …then in 4 years this would equal to 1.5kg more muscle while my bodyweight remains same

bodyweight remains same, yet obviously my body would need to change, the only way to achieve this quality muscle gain is through actual strength gain …and the only way to remain lean while doing all of this is to never lose my conditioning

seems like a lot of hard work for basically remaining the same weight


your progress

don't stress over small obstacles and mistakes you make along the way, keep your long game in sight and each progress you achieve …keep it, defend it, own it for as long as you can


your progress on top of your progress

which is possible only if you don't neglect the basics that got you there

forget about fancy stuff you can,
forget about the basics you can not


be boring, consistent and disciplined




as long as you keep moving forward, there is no finish line

Marck Goran Lorencin

recovery only if earned

pumpers classic

the shortcut


the shortcut

the shortest way of them all
the hardest way there is
the shortcut

Majority never experiences similar situation, this is an aftermath of an all-out effort, something every high level athlete knows all to well and can relate to.

environment needs to be challenging, not comforting

To give your best and leave it on the floor has no glory 99% of the time, yet there is no substitution for honest and hard work.

This is why environment you train in can change everything, it can help you you to be your best or just remain average.

Marck Goran Lorencin

strength & burn

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