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nobody cares - work harder

when like so many times before, you hit that familiar breaking-point, some call it a cave of pain I just call it my deliverance … but that is your deliverance too, something only you can do, no-one else can do it but you, there is no shortcut when you reach that point and it’s essential that you cross that point alone if you want to achieve something special.

Marck Goran Lorencin

8 months transformation

He used to be a cyclist but I got to know him when he graduated from the Faculty of Economics. That was some 8 months ago. I remember very clearly his first true workout at my gym, how it ”killed him” … and how he came back the next day, the day after, and so on every day!

In 8 months since he started, Staš never missed a workout, he literally came to workout every day … ok, maybe he had 3 or 4 rest days in all this time, but other then that he literally came to workout every day.

Now take a look at his progress, this is what working out with a passion can do to you, this is earned, this is not given … this is no diet, this is a byproduct of dedication, effort and salvation!

Staš, all your friends from Gym Justified are really proud of you, most of all me … congratulations. I for one didn’t make it easy, I helped you suffer more, enjoy this, it only gets better now, you earned it!

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