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gym justified III

my friends Tanja and Gašper @ Gym Justified

better then yesterday

Everything you do affects you, your life, those around you …and even further then that. What you do can affect even those who you don’t yet know. With awareness, that what you do matters, comes responsibility to stand behind everything that you do.

The only way to become better is if you want to become a little bit better every day. Consistency and humility, awareness and responsibility, both for mistakes as small victories, pave the way to a better you.

Surround your self with those who want to become better then they were yesterday and who genuinely wish same for you.

This great couple knew about me long before I knew about them. I am grateful for the confidence they both place in me and for letting me guide them, alongside my training journey where hard work forges friendships, where knowledge is exchanged and built on mutual experience.

Marck Goran Lorencin

Slaviša in Gym Justified

R E A S O N  against  B U R P E E

I sometimes joke that I banned this exercises but uprising of my gym members made me bring it back. Now they tell me, I got it completely wrong. It is true though, that I am getting older and maybe my memory is not as good …or maybe I just haven’t lost a bit of “evil” humor.

Few laugh when doing those damn burpee's, even fewer deny there are many benefits from doing them. Beyond simplicity, coordination, stretch/contract, core strength, overall muscle endurance, conditioning and general health benefit …there is this awesome mental toughness element to it.

We can only argue, about many burpee's and/or how often to include them …while your goal should be to as fit to not have one good reason to not do them.

Bojč @ Gym Justified

Evolution is conservative, for something to evolve,
it must be built on something already achieved.

is to stand for something
is to make use of your potential
is to become your future better self

Don’t wish for things to come easy.
There is nothing to learn there,
nothing worth suffering for,
nothing worth living for.

Don’t accept anything you don’t deserve.
Carry the biggest burden you can bear.
Live to be strong for the hard days.

Stand up straight with your shoulders back!

Marck Goran Lorencin

Matej @ Gym Justified

j u s t   -   h o l d

Pick a moderately heavy object with each hand, hold on to it for as long as you can. Resist letting it go, don’t worry …it won’t be long until you will really really want to let it go.

  • once the burn gets unbearable put the weights down, shake your hands and rest say only 20sec, then repeat your simple task
  • pick it up again, hold on, resist letting it go for as long as you can, then put it down, rest for 30sec now (yes we added +10sec of rest)

Repeat your “just hold” task until you reach 60sec of rest (via adding +10sec after each rest), resist the burn for as long as you can.

ringatron variant

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