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inner circle • 1534
mon | wk 4 | anvil athletics I • complementary monday

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important, click on button bellow

(calculate sfi)

we need to get your superfit index before you continue

as follows @ (set duration)

Suggested weight range should serve as orientation, obviously, higher the reps, lower the weight, and as you add weight, you lower the reps. Go by feel, ideally you would reach close to the highest working weight by the 3rd round, for some exercises maybe 4th round.

  1. (equipment settings) @ 20 (to 5x) with
  2. (equipment settings) @ 20 (to 5x) with with

  3. (equipment settings) @ 10-20x with (equipment settings)
  4. (equipment settings) @ 10-20x each leg
    just find a raised object to stand one, something like a stair and maybe a wall close to lean on for support while doing the raises

then @ (set duration)

  1. (equipment settings) @ 10 (to 5x) with
  2. (equipment settings) @ 10 (to 5x) with

  3. (equipment settings) @ 10-20x with (equipment settings)
  4. (equipment settings) @ 10-20x each leg

finish with @ recovery effort


Complementary easy pump Monday today. Legs super sore from Saturday, so I rather didn't touch them and want to have them ready for Wednesday.

inner circle IX

This is basicaly insight into my life, how I train day to day, including my notes, observations and lessons. You need to be a fully fleged member to be granted access here.

I keep my circle small, personal and exceptional …and until you are ready to commit, do not expect me to commit back.


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