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inner circle I

fri | wk 6 | odd tower of strength +

Betnava forrest 2010

l i b e r a t i n g

to be the last

one guy does a pull up others hang and wait their turn,
sooner or later someone will be the first to go …
those who remain must continue

no-one wants to be that first guy

look at their faces,
they are all fighting because,

to be the last remaining is liberating,
to be the first to go is devastating.

thu | wk 6 | panorama by feel

wed | wk 6 | old country pump II

tue | wk 6 | simple meta-booster

you don't decide to lead

understand the goal

if you think suffering is the goal
you are wrong

if you think suffering is optional
you don't understand

some know,
some understand,
some lead

mon | wk 6 | cns on fire II +

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