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inner circle I

crawl • then • walk

my friend Oza

crawl like croco

you can pretend to crawl like one,
you can think you crawled like one,
knowing your do not crawl like one

learn to crawl graciously,
have focus, be determination

imitate nature, practice, evolve,
forge strength, be toughness

crawl • then • walk

Marck Goran Lorencin

fri | wk 4 | odd friday pillars by feel

thu | wk 4 | snow white recovery

wed | wk 4 | old country pump

tue | wk 4 | piggy pacer

use "the harder" shortcut

golden rule for gains of all kind!!!

when you are done with that great plan,
go back, start again,
repeat all but improve everything!

can you do it better? then do it
what about harder? prove it

and never mind me, rather mind you
…it's you who is against you

I am just helping you see,
that battle you seek
will be always waiting
right there, in front of you!

Marck Goran Lorencin

When a legend like Mikhail Koklayev coaches your deadlift …but you do a biceps curl?

My friend Gregor Sobočan was organizer of the event and Misha's friend, this joke (70kg biceps curl) was with his approval and kinda once in a lifetime opportunity! Please allow me to explain and apologize for my prank. In the theory part Misha was telling us a very funny deadlift anecdote about a guy who didn't understand why deadlift isn't a “pump” exercise

The spirit and the whole atmosphere was such that my joke didn't feel weird or disrespectful to Misha, we all had a good laugh about it.

Many thanks for all the knowledge, coaching and unique information you can experience only if you meet a legend such as Misha Koklayev in person

I am sure I speak in the name of everyone who was with you that day Misha, we all enjoyed personal stories you shared so openly with us, it's invaluable and something we are very grateful for, you have our out most respect for being Rudarius that you are!

Marck Goran Lorencin © all rights reserved