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inner circle II

July 2002 | SFI Endurance = 100%

superfit index™

Quality of your bodyweight on a scale from 0 to 100%

Superfit Index (SFI™) is a unique algorithm that rates your bodyweight in percentage. No complicated measurements are needed to make the analysis. Your age, height, weight, gender and body composition are taken into account and combined into a single number, your personal Superfit Index (%).

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Information you enter assigns you to at least one of the four possible criteria:

    > Level 1		Homo sapiens
    > Level 2		Fit human
    - - - - -
    > Level 3a		Superfit Endurance
    > Level 3b		Superfit Strong

We will return to these bodyweight criteria again as I write more about each later in the article. Additionally, for deeper understanding of your own results we shall analyse a fairly typical result from a person that trains on a regular basis. What follows is an actual result from someone who I will disguise simply as Joe. Let us take a look at Joe's results.

mon | wk 9 | Johnny Bravo inclined

sun | wk 8 | progressive 50/50 fasted

sat | wk 8 | bodyweight ladders

sat | wk 8 | 10K runaway fatty by feel

fri | wk 8 | beach pump ready

thu | wk 8 | comfortable Shani & back

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