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inner circle III

matej @ gym justified

matej @ gym justified

Punishment or Reward

It is the reason some stop.
It is the reason why some are fit.

Simple, yet awful.
Gets hard really fast.
Makes you question life.

Never fails as a punishment.
Never fails as a reward (to avoid).
You can always trust in honest burpee.

That being said. I never punish people with burpees, rather I reward them with motivation of plenty other evils, thereby making burpees look like a great deal. I am funny too until you realise I am not joking.

Have a laugh with 100x burpee unbroken for a warmup.

Never follow the Sheep

Follow the Wolf

This photo is from different times. Way before creation of Gym Justified we used to train as a special unit of individuals from the times when all we had were either commercial fitness gyms or outdoor training.

A wolf may change his coat not his character and we were never the sheep, not then and not now.

Interestingly something like this could be assigned also to popular cardio machines. There were close to 50 cardio machines in that commercial gym, all the usual ones you would see — especially back then — in a commercial gym. Standing out was one single rowing machine which was gathering dust and rust.

Then the wolfs came. They noticed the lone cardio wolf.
It never gets easier. Forget the sheep.
Follow the Wolf!

Marck Goran Lorencin

thu | wk 75 | sparta builder 46 • shani and back

wed | wk 75 | sparta builder 45 • killed by press

tue | wk 75 | sparta builder 44 • die fast

mon | wk 75 | sparta builder 43 • negative hammer

July 2016, she was 17 months old.

December 2019, she is 3 months away from turning 5.

Obviously I need to remain in similar shape for a minimum of 15-20 years to come and make guys think twice about not being nice to Lili. Coincidentally this gives me plenty of time to make her 3 years older brother beat me at everything. That way I can go on smiling like this.

Jokes aside, images obviously say more then words. Only my little princess can make me smile like this.

Marck Goran Lorencin © all rights reserved