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FAT burn Cardio – Which is best?

Is there a difference how fast one can burn fat with different cardio machines or activities?

Does a rower, for example, burn more fat than an elliptic, what about a bike compared to that “boring” treadmill machine, which is best for fat burning?

This will be a short video, and you will get the main results within the first two minutes. Then I’ll go into why the results are like they are, some of you will appreciate it, but you can still skip straight to the part where I give you some workout templates to use in your sessions.

How to burn FAT faster?

How to burn fat faster? Just like most of you, this is what I also want to know. I am not talking about the need to train more, eat less, abide to a diet kind a thing …NO …I am talking about the strategies you can implement to influence and manipulate fat burning.

Going harder in your session doesn’t directly translate to burning more fat, your relative fat burn will always be very low at high intensities. Going really easy isn’t the solution either because then you are burning calories at such a low rate, that again doesn’t result in notable fat burn effect.

sun | wk 14 | sparta builder 98 • recovery

sat | wk 14 | sparta builder 97 • test day 4

fri | wk 14 | sparta builder 96 • recovery

thu | wk 14 | sparta builder 95 • test day 3

wed | wk 14 | sparta builder 94 • test day 2

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