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t h e - n e v e r - m e

a prison of non change

There is always an underdog. Maybe this is you. Who? That most unlikely person to become a hero. If you were to be that person all the odds will be against you, there will be injustice, struggle, pain, fear, doubt and of course an epic challenge which you will surely fail.


You do not fail even when you face your darkest hour, somehow you overcome your weakness, suck in the pain, fight with everything you got, you rise victorious even when all hope is gone and the darkness was about to strike you down.


Yes, I am describing a plot of pretty much all epic stories ever filmed, written or spoken. For the hero to be born, for a person to become better, there is always a demanding journey to be done.

e p i c

Stories like this are as old as we are as a species, they are a blueprint for how to become more than we are. With all the special effects added to the storytelling in movie format of today, our motivation skyrockets so easily, yet when the shit actually hits the fan in real life, when we face even the smallest odds against us we cry foul, we complain, we seek excuses, we call it unjust, undeserved and unfair, forgetting in an instant that this is exactly how and why those epic stories never speak of a billion heroes but just a few if not one. Why?

e a s y

There is your problem right there. You don’t even know what is hard any more yet find everything to be hard all the time.

Have no time for a workout yet follow thousands of people on social media which fake their (digital) life. Watching tv shows every day is not a problem but those annoying commercials ruin all the fun. Then there was that idiot on the road driving like a snail because of a few raindrops, making it a goal (obviously) to make you late for work. You were about to finally go running, when rain (fate) prevented you from reaching your goals. Not to mention that during the summer it was too hot (not healthy), while during the winter is again too cold (not healthy) to do things outside but tropic room temperatures are normal (comfort uber ales). Elevator broke down and you had to take the stairs (like after a decade) which almost earned you a heart attack or at least ruined your t-shirt with sweat stains. The list never ends!

r e m e m b e r

It is not supposed to be easy. For things to change for you, you have to change. There is no other way but for you to change. Its just like in the gym. Everyone had to start climbing their ladder of strength from their lowest level. The only way to get stronger is to pick a weight which is challenging enough to allow you to work with it, then progressively increase “the challenge” as you get stronger. Pick something which is too light (not challenging) and you will never improve. Pick something which is just comfortable (no change needed) and you will remain as you are.

c h a l l e n g e

We are made for the challenge. Easy to achieve goals are not a challenge. We become better when we overcome our limitations on consistent basis. The real challenge is never to reach the end of the line but to forever push it forward. Keep playing the game, finish it never.

Marck Goran Lorencin

Marck Goran Lorencin © all rights reserved