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johnny bravo - bodyweight

Joe starring as Johnny Bravo

johnny bravo is a fictional character, if you haven't watched the cartoon yet, please do …as this workout will immediately make a lot of sense. Johnny Bravo builder is one of my all time favourite Monday workouts. Originally this workout includes weights but as at the time of writing the whole world is in the middle of covid-19 lockdown — leaving only gym owners with access to the gyms — I did my best to create a weights free version of this iconic workout of mine, which so many of you love.

In additional to a pull up bar, you will need gymnastic rings for this workout or figure out some other way how to do and improvise dips, like between the chairs, dips on paralletes, dips on bench. I tried to keep the use of any equipment to the bare minimum but using less then this really wouldn't do the Johnny Bravo workout justice it deserves.

warmup @ 2 rounds

As always you an include any additional warmup exercises or routines you feel are needed, move from one exercise to the next based on how you feel …the goal is to reach high activation with the least energy spent to do so.

  1. (equipment settings) @ up to 60sec
  2. (equipment settings) @ up to 40sec
  3. (equipment settings) @ (equipment settings) (2-4sec down, explosive up)
  4. (equipment settings) @ (equipment settings) (1-3sec down, fast up)

let's make a deal

Now all of what follows are really simple tests and something that you should already know how to do but since we are doing the testing, think of this as a blank new page …let's make a deal that how you do those tests is with best possible form.

Best possible form probably means you will do less reps then you would want but this will give both you and I an opportunity to make you better and use this perfect form as a new baseline and from now on you do all those exercises same way as you will do them in testing

All I said should be self evident but trust me it is not because humans seem to have in their nature to “cheat a little” to feel better but you really would be cheating your self of quality progress so now is a perfect time to decide you will do all your repetitions better then ever and continue using new more honest form going forward.

Andy starring as MacFranco Gains

You need to log in at this point to access the Johnny Bravo workout it self and to use the features, like dynamic algorithm which will individualise the reps for each exercise to your fitness level based on your test results. The registration is a two step process, it will ask you for weight, height, age, data as well as many things are taken into account not just for this workouts but for any other which I write.


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