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4 Best Exercises for perfect ABS

You do not need to do any ab exercise at all to get perfect abs. I will explain why there is no need to waste time with ab exercises if it's 6pack you are after.

If you were to limit yourself to just four exercises, those four I suggest are close to impossible to beat. They deliver maximum bang for your buck and if you can work yourself up to become above average in just those 4 exercises you will gain a remarkable 6pack even without a strict diet.

How to burn FAT faster?

How to burn fat faster? Just like most of you, this is what I also want to know. I am not talking about the need to train more, eat less, abide to a diet kind a thing …NO …I am talking about the strategies you can implement to influence and manipulate fat burning.

Going harder in your session doesn’t directly translate to burning more fat, your relative fat burn will always be very low at high intensities. Going really easy isn’t the solution either because then you are burning calories at such a low rate, that again doesn’t result in notable fat burn effect.


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