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squat to valhalla - bodyweight

training @ gym justified

This is an extreme squat challenge, both mentally and physically … and it’s not for everyone but if you love squats, have good technique, have no injuries or other health related issues that would make trying this a bad idea … then this is something you may consider from time to time as total mind fuck.

What you just read is the original introduction for my Squat to Valhalla challenge from 2016 and soon to be re-introduced to the public in the original version but updated with dynamic content to take advantage of tools built into my website.

Similarly to the Johnny Bravo bodyweight version — which I wrote because all but the gym owners have access to proper weight equipment in the time of global covid19 lockdown — I am inviting you to an extreme challenge, Squat to Valhalla - bodyweight edition.

There are no weights used but this doesn’t mean no weight will be used. You will need to find a training partner which will have a vip seat to watch your punishment. Depending on how strong you are or how many people you can reasonably choose from, to help you go through this challenge, you should choose wisely.

While the lockdown measures are in place, partner squats literally mean a partner from your own household, in my case as shown in the video this falls to my better half Špelca. For those who are lacking a training partner alternative solutions are explained further in the article.

warmup @ 2 rounds

  1. (equipment settings) @ 2min
  2. (equipment settings) @ 60m
  3. (equipment settings) @ 4x 10sec
  4. gradually accelerate up to 90% of max speed by feel, then slow down
  5. (equipment settings) @ 20x each side
  6. (equipment settings) @ 2-3min as needed

  7. (equipment settings) @ 400m (first half at 90% effort, second half 100% effort)
  8. rest same time it took you to finish the 400m interval

You need to log in at this point and log in to access the Squat to Valhalla workout it self and to use the features, like dynamic algorithm which will individualise the reps for your squat challenge based on your test result. The registration is a two step process, it will ask you for weight, height, age, data as well as many things are taken into account not just for this workouts but for any other which I write.


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