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twelve labours II

my friend Andy

start where you are

stop never

Don’t wait for things to get easier. Start where you are. The most important step is not your first one but the next one you make.

— Marck Goran Lorencin

from the left: Gürkem, Bojč, Dave, Gary, Rob, Kirk, Izi, Goran, Berni, Targan

There is strength, power, energy and honesty here, something we and you as well are being denied on every level for almost a year now.

Let me remind you who creates hard times yet again with words from Those Who Remainnote I replace his “men” with “human”.

“Hard times create strong humans. Strong humans create good times. Good times create weak humans. And, weak humans create hard times.”

— G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain

This image is to remind everyone there is more to just living through the day. More than two years passed since, everyone shown here was ready for hard times, mentally, physically and emotionally. There is no such thing as a weak mind in a strong body. There can be however be a strong mind in a weak body. We were all weak at some point, yet strength always starts with exercising the mind, by challenging self to do that which is not easy.

“This image is from the past yet about freedom, friendship and hard work when life was better. It is about good times we all miss, about living and reminding us what is worth fighting for!”

— Marck Goran Lorencin


defend the way

die never

Cultivate lifelong discipline for daily physical activity.


those who remain

be better

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

— G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain

There was never a time in history when humans were weaker than they are today, physically, psychologically and morally …and so the analogy of Mr. Hopf describes where we are at, predicts what follows and explains why this cycle is so hard to break.

There is another way to read the citation by G. Michael Hopf.

Life will be hard for those who follow the weak and Life will be hard for those who become soft. And so solution is obvious, is it not?

“Do not wish it were easier, wish you were better!”

— Marck Goran Lorencin

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